Give Your RV the VIP Treatment

Give Your RV the VIP Treatment

Schedule RV, boat or plane detailing in Winston-Salem & Greensboro, NC

Hop in the RV for your next big adventure after an RV detailing from Clean Cars Inc. Our Winston-Salem, NC mobile detailing service specializes in RV detailing. Here are three things you need to know about our RV detailing service:
  1. We deep clean the exterior of your RV, including the roof, pop outs, and awnings.
  2. We take into consideration the special requirements of an RV, including fiberglass and gel coating with vinyl decals.
  3. We come to you and will need access to a water hookup.

RV detailing can be as nuanced as auto detailing, so we like to get as much information about your RV as possible to give you an accurate estimate. Typically, an RV detailing service is $8 to $12 per foot, depending on the condition. Contact us today to schedule RV detailing in Winston-Salem, NC.

Set sail in a spotless boat

Don't wait to show off your boat on the water after a boat detailing service from Clean Cars Inc. We'll clean all the nooks and crannies so that it looks brand-new. Boat detailing is only $8 to $12 per foot, depending on the condition. Call now to schedule your boat detailing service, and we'll come to your location.

Fly high with plane detailing service

We also offer helicopter and aviation detailing in Winston-Salem, NC. Plane detailing can be a tough job, so you want to hire a mobile detailing service that works professionally and meticulously. Call 336-528-4465 today to tell us about your plane and schedule your aviation detailing service.