Have You Tried Mobile Detailing?

Winston-Salem & Greensboro, NC’s premier auto detailing service

While every auto detailing project has its own unique needs, Clean Cars Inc. completes every car detailing job with professionalism, consistency and attention to detail. We’re the mobile detailing service that comes to you to provide exceptional interior and exterior car detailing in Winston-Salem, NC.

All of our services start with the Base Detail which includes the following interior and exterior detailing services:

  • Degrease engine bay and gas tank lid
  • Remove bugs, tar and road grime
  • Hand-wash
  • Clean wheels, tires and fender wells
  • Clean grime from door, trunk and hatch jambs
  • Apply tire shine
  • Wax
  • Deep clean dash and console
  • Apply UV protectant and conditioner to dash and console
  • Vacuum the carpets, trunk and hatch area
  • Clean windows inside and out

Find out how meticulous we are about our work, and call today to schedule your car detailing service in Winston-Salem, NC.

Upgrade your car detailing service

If you want to take your auto detailing service to the next level, there are other services that we can add on, including:

  • Paint correction
  • Clay bar waxing
  • Carpet and leather extraction
  • Interior conditioning
  • High-speed compounding and polishing
  • Polymer paint sealant application
  • Tree sap removal
  • Wheel and metal polishing
  • Scratch removal
  • Plastic restoration
  • Pet hair removal

We try our best to match our services, products, and techniques with our customers' needs and goals. Call Clean Cars Inc. now to receive a free auto detailing estimate, and experience the finest mobile detailing service in Winston-Salem, NC.